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Where passion for beauty meets - it becomes Bô Saigon

Bô Who

Bô is the story of two friends who met in Saigon and found that they share a common passion for lifestyle and design. ​


Tina Riehle recently moved from Shanghai, China to Dubai, UAE. Before this she has lived for eight years with her family in Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) and has travelled many Asian countries from there and is always inspired from her travels. Previously, she lived also in the US, Germany, Poland and France, hence she is a true global citizen. Her areas of expertise are to be found in fashion, architecture and design and she has always been interested in the luxurious lifestyle and is an expert in fashion and interior design. Most of all Tina is fascinated by the endless possibilities and vast diversity of her Asian surroundings. 

Ina Stas is Belgian and has lived many years in Vietnam before moving with her family back to Europe. Ina is a mother of three and she has a very creative and entrepreneurial mind. She expresses herself in diverse domains of interior design, product development and conceptual thinking. Ina lived in France, Morocco, Belgium and China.


Bô Why

Pronounced as "beau", meaning "beautiful" in French, the two founders have come together under the iconic symbol of the Vietnamese hat.


Wrap yourself up and make your daily life more beautiful, with a Bô-Saigon towel.

"Bô pour toi"

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