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Tina in a beautiful pagoda in China

Where passion for beauty meets - it becomes Bô Saigon

Bô Who​

Bô narrates the journey of two friends, Tina Riehle and Ina Stas, who met in Saigon and are united by their love for lifestyle and design. Tina, now based in Dubai, has spent more than 25 years as an expat, residing in major cities like Shanghai in China, the US, Germany, Poland, and France, and has lived with her family in Ho Chi Minh City for eight years. Her global experiences fuel her passion for fashion, architecture, and design. Ina, originally from Belgium, has also spent significant time in Vietnam and other countries, where she honed her skills in interior design, product development, and conceptual thinking. Together, they blend diverse cultural insights with creative flair.


Bô Why

Named after the French word "beau," which means beautiful, Bô symbolises elegance and grace, represented by the iconic Vietnamese hat that puts the two girlfriends under one umbrella. Dive into the luxury of everyday beauty with Bô Saigon towels, crafted under the philosophy of "Bô pour toi"—Bô for you, enhancing the ordinary with a touch of opulence.


Wrap yourself up and make your daily life more beautiful with a Bô Saigon towel.

"Bô pour toi"

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